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Spain’s Second Largest Bank Relentlessly Freezes People’s Accounts, Claimed to be Racism
The second largest financial insitution in Spain, BBVA, has in total, frozen 5,000 accounts which belong to Chinese clients. This has led to outrage from the clients, and cries of racism. Bank representatives, ...
BTC Trades in Venezuela are Booming!
he volume and trading patterns of Bitcoin in Venezuela are at an all-time high. LocalBitcoins, which is a digital asset platform, has reported that per week the volume of Bitcoin to Venezuelan Bolivar (VES) has...
JP Morgan is the First U.S. Financial Institution to Release their Very Own Cryptocurrency
The colossal investment institution which is run by CEO Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan, has become the first bank in the United States to introduce their own digital currency. The new digital token will be called JPM C...
SEC Chief Confident that Bitcoin ETF is Coming Soon
Commissioner Robert J Jackson is a believer that Bitcoin ETF will soon make its appearance in the global market. In an interview that wasn't supposed to be public until February 11th, Jackson mentioned that it ...
Samsung Pay Integrating Digital Currencies on All Their Devices and the Galaxy S10 is the Guinea Pig
According to reports in Korea, Samsung Pay wants to offer a crypto wallet on all their smartphones. Currently the Samsung Pay community has 10 million users and that just in South Korea alone. The launch of the...
Iran Launching State Cryptocurrency to Bypass US Sanctions
Iran is getting crushed by US sanctions, and it is looking gloomy for their economy. The Islamic nation will be announcing their state-backed digital currency. Many analysts believe that the new cryptocurrency ...
Messaging App Kik to Fight SEC on ICO
The messaging app company based in Canada, Kik, will be battling the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over its 2017 ICO release. The SEC believes that the company's digital token, kin, is an unregistered...
Circle CEO at Davos: Humanity Cannot Survive Digital Era without Digital Currencies
The CEO of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, states that all humanity needs cryptocurrencies in order to survive the digital age. He also went on to say that digital assets decentralized nature make it indispensable. Ske...
Coinstar Can Exchange $62 Million Pocket Change to Bitcoin
A recycling and waste company, Covanta Holding Corporation, has shared their findings that Americans throw away $62 million dollars in change every year. Coins are tossed accidentally, but this is a serious pie...
Malaysia is Still on the Fence About Cryptocurrencies
The government of Malaysia is still indecisive about cryptocurrencies. They are still considering whether they want to legalize digital assets. Many neighboring countries have adopted the crypto market, such as...
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