Our name describes what we do and what our mission is. Cryptolitics is dedicated to facilitating analytics and discussions on current crypto events. Recent trends have proven that digital currency is a global phenomenon. Digital currency has penetrated the market at a rapid rate and it is critical that we measure how and where it can take us.

We are subject matter experts in digital currency and specialize in mining, setting up Bitcoin ATM machines, conducting ICO research and development, taxes and state compliance around digital currency. More importantly, we provide  information on digital currencies that are relevant in today’s market.


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Harvard Purchased a Cryptocurrency!
Harvard University has recently bought into a token sale. Blockstack reported to the the SEC that Harvard invested in their cryptocurrency. The university bought about 95,833,333 Stacks Tokens. This is the firs...
The SEC Publishes its Highly Anticipated Crypto Token Guide
Token issuers now have guidance from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They have finally released their regulatory guidance, as it has been in the works for a year and a half now. The new guide w...
New Bull Goal for Bitcoin is Set Over $5K
Bitcoin's activity today has set its price at a high in over 4 months, to $5,080. The change from bear to bull market has been completed. In the short-run, it may be difficult for Bitcoin to reach the $5,200 ma...
The Future of Money, Governance & The Law – Washington, DC & Live Streamed
How will this disruptive technology affect our money, the Government’s control of it, and our laws? We will attempt to look into the future by tracking the trajectory of Blockchain, AI, IoT, DLT, and a host o...
Binance Raising the Bar in Australia: Customers Can Buy Bitcoin with Cash at Stores
Digital asset exchange, Binance, has released a new platform in Australia. The platform will allow their community base to buy BTC with cash, from over 1,300 stores! The new release is called Binance Lite Austr...
Fortune 500 Company Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies
One of the globe's biggest distributors of electronic services and components, Avnet, is officially accepting cryptocurrencies via BitPay. BitPay is a payment processing company that uses blockchain technology....
IBM Bringing its Banking Customers One Step Closer to Digital Currencies
Six international financial institutions have signed letters of intent for the issuance of stablecoins, on World Wire, which is an IBM payment network that uses the Stellar blockchain. This deal will promise th...
Blockchain App Brave Making Killer Downloads!
An internet browser that rewards its users with cryptocurrencies, is making its community base larger, with 20 million app downloads! The Android app, Brave, is only growing larger. Brave's main missions are to...
Facebook Launching its Own Crypto Soon
Social Media giant, Facebook, is very interested in creating and offering their own cryptocurrency. There have been many attempts to implement digital currencies into messaging and social media platforms, in th...
Bahrain is the First Country to Regulate BTC
Just a few months ago, there was mention that Bahrain has completed its draft on regulations of digital currencies. The Arab nation has now finished its final version of the regulations, and there weren't many ...
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