WYRE Token

WYRE token is the world’s first cryptocurrency of its kind. This token is offered to us exclusively through social media. It is unmined and is similar to Fuck Token or Doge coin. In a market where we have seen many ICOs that have been initiated by startups and online companies, trends have shown us that these ICOs were nothing but a hype and eventually fizzled in the industry. What is WYRE token? WYRE token is changing the game, by using Twitter as one of its main platforms. Let’s say I like your post and the comments on your post, I can tip you a WYRE token just for sharing the post. Gaming bounties, social media blogs and forums, or even tipping the IT tech who did some troubleshooting on your computer, can all be compensated by simply compensating through WYRE token. The cryptocurrency can be purchased and transferred via Twitter, through the Twitter purchase bot. Show your friends a token of appreciation by gifting them a WYRE token!

Who is WYRE? We are all WYRE. SofaKing Epic, developers who had a vision of setting up peer-to-peer exchanges in cryptocurrency, and veterans who were in the startup game, have helped to create WYRE. WYRE’s mission is to bring people from the social media world together into a platform of “tips” and token exchange. Followers and people who come across hashtags exposes people to WYRE and will create an amplifying effect for new WYRE acquirers. They are looking to introduce newcomers to digital currency. The technology that WYRE is developing will lower the barriers of entry for new agents into the market. “The Plug” which is the purchase bot, will grant anyone access to WYRE. Once WYRE is acquired, the tip bot, “Make it Rain” can be used to transfer tips to peers via a simple tweet on Twitter. WYRE is making it easy for consumers by providing them a pedestal into the cryptocurrency world. The purchase bot “The Bag”, will diminish the time it takes to research cryptocurrencies. “The Bag”, contains bundles of WYRE, WETH, ETH, or a la carte WYRE, allowing access to resources for users to tip, transfer, or trade on exchange, without users trying to solve the puzzle on their own.
WYRE will be offering their tokens to the public during their pre-sale period and release periods for tokens every other month. Once the supply of 5 billion tokens of WYRE are exhausted, WYRE will only then be available at market rates. The pre-sale stage will occur from November 30, 2017 until December 15, 2017 or until the WYRE supply is exhausted. WYRE tokens will be available to the public from January 15, 2018 and continuing on March 15, July 15, September 15, and November 15, 2018. If the demand is higher than the supply, prices and dates may increase.

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