Winter Not Slowing Down Nasdaq Launching Bitcoin Futures Market

The globe’s second biggest stock exchange will be adding a BTC futures market in the beginning of 2019. Nasdaq has been working closely with the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission also known as (CFTC), to obtain regulatory approval and be compliant as a market operator. The New York exchange dealer has been flirting with this idea since last year.
A digital asset exchange called Bakkt that was created by the ICE, whose parent company is the NYSE, will also be releasing their Bitcoin futures market towards the end of January. Bakkt has been taking their time, as they want to make sure their infrastructure has sufficient means to handle the large investor base in the United States. News stated that, “ICE will introduce the Bakkt Bitcoin futures contract on trading, for the date of January 24, 2019. Of course this will all be subject to regulatory approval.”
Major financial institutions are the only ones that can provide us figures on the demand from institutional investors. By the second quarter of next year, the crypto market could have the world’s largest stock exchanges, Nasdaq and NYSE, offer Bitcoin futures. However, we must always take into account that the SEC can always change their minds at any time.

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