Venezuela is Asking Qatar to Invest in Their Cryptocurrency, Petro

Government officials from Venezuela are in talks with Qatar, to promote their new cryptocurrency, Petro. They are looking to acquire Qatar as a major investor. Currently there are Venezuelan officials who are visiting Qatar, and they are hoping to seal the deal with this petrol-rich country. They are offering Qatar officials discounts during the pre sale of the coin. The coin will be launching in February. Qatar is dealing with an economic dilemma with Saudi Arabia and they have reached out to other countries for supplies. Qatar has acquired airplanes from France and fighter jets from England and the U.S. The pre-sale will start on February 15th and Venezuelan officials are anticipating sales of $1.3 billion before the actual sale is made available to the public. The pre-sale is private and will only be accessible to certain individuals and organizations. The country will also be compensating their employees with the cryptocurrency, which will also help with tax benefits. The coin will help the countries economic drought and will help with the sanctions that were put in place by the U.S. Petro will be backed by oil, gold, diamonds, and an array of other commodities. One Petro will equal one barrel of oil in Venezelan reserves.

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