The US and China Trade War Causing Dow Futures and Bitcoin to Slump

The US Stock market and the global digital asset market have been on a decline. As of 8 AM this morning, the Dow has dropped 70 points which is about .30%. Nasdaq also dropped .5%. This mornings slump is because of the trade talks that are currently happening between the US and China. Bitcoin has also been fluctuating in the market to around $4,000.  A trade agreement is in the talks and will once and for all end this war. A representative from the China Commerce Ministry described the meetings as, “broad, deep, and meticulous”. The US’ statement after the meetings were less analytical, and they highlighted the fact that China pledged to buy a significant amount of energy, agriculture, manufactured goods, and other services and products from the US. The two superpower nations will come to an agreeance a little before the tariff truce comes to an expiration in the beginning of March.
The government shutdown has also been causing the market to be affected. President Trump is adamant about having the wall constructed, but Democrats are not in acceptance of the idea. As a result, the government is now in its 20th day of closure.

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