Roger Ver Believes Bitcoin Cash will Beat Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency exchanges play a big role for investor participation. Many corporations and individuals are able to be a part of the crypto community, because of these trading platforms. New coins and digital assets, through innovations or hardforks that hit the blockchain, are always emerging on the global market. However, the success and growth of these coins all depends on the demand for them. A popular U.S. trading platform, GDAX, has announced that they will be opening their BCH-BTC order book on January 17th. GDAX has experienced BCH-BTC orders before, through its platform but there were some minor setbacks and trading was stopped. GDAX is still looking into how some people may have infiltrated the system to change or exploit orders on the platform.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a result of a Bitcoin hardfork. We have monitored its growth since it has come into existence. In the short run, BCH does go through plunges, but usually it has been competing against Bitcoin in its growth patterns. Roger Ver, who is one of the first investors of Bitcoin, believes that BCH will exceed BTC, due to BCH’s steady growth. Ver says, “BCH is the new BTC and it has the same properties of BTC.” When BTC was introduced into the market in 2009, not many people believed it would be a worldwide phenomenon. Ver thinks that BCH will be the new phenomenon.

The market is currently dealing with some volatility, but the capitalization and volume will be increasing and the volatility will reduce. Investors are attracted to markets that have an ongoing stability, and this is what will be happening to the global market soon. Hence, attracting more investors to the market.

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