Ripple Comes in Second Cryptocurrency to Exceed $100 Billion

Ripple is the first coin, after Bitcoin, to pass the $100 billion mark. January 3rd was a big day for XRP and its investors. The price of XRP has increased 25% and is a little over $3. The market cap on XRP is about $116 billion, surpassing Ethereum, which is the third largest coin in the game. Ripple is still being heavily traded in South Korea, with Bithumb and Korbit processing almost half of Ripple’s global trades. This is an amount of $2.2 billion of XRP’s trading volume, per day. Bithumb, which is the second most popular trading cryptocurrency platform of South Korea, has Ripple as their number one cryptocurrency that is being traded, bought, and sold. South Korea trades Ripple at higher premiums than usual. Many news outlets are reporting on Ripple and have attracted even more consumers to becoming investors of the cryptocurrency.

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