Top Three Ways Blockchain Is Killing It in Agribusiness
Blockchain in Agribusiness The generic nature of blockchain technology is one of the main reasons every industry is getting excited, or nervous, depending on their point of
Crypto Custody Now Offered by Citigroup Bank, Will it Affect the Market?
Sources have revealed that Citigroup is the latest bank that will be offering crypto custody solutions to investors. The $175 billion bank has launched a
Trump’s New Addition to the SEC Increases Chances of Bitcoin ETF
The new member of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Elad Roisman, who has been appointed by Trump is a big plus for the votes
A Majority of Americans are Aware of Bitcoin
Millenials are in the know when it comes to Bitcoin, and a study reveals that almost 80% of Americans are aware of it. More than
Why the Big Four Accounting Firms Care About Blockchain
In the world of accounting audits and financial assurance, only the Big Four matter. Deloitte, EY, PwC, and KPMG are the masters of the universe.
India Will Be Accepting Crypto Tokens for Metro Fares
The government of India has announced that they will be launching crypto tokens for the purpose of their own financial transactions, despite a banking ban
Patent Filed by IBM for Blockchain Technology System
Latest news in crypto world is on IBM, a giant in the tech industry that has filed for a patent for the management of a
Report: 2018 Blockchain Investing/Spending at its Highest
A tax consulting firm, KPMG known to be one of the biggest in the world, revealed that spending and investors interest (venture capitals and ICO
How Siacoin (SC) Is Gearing Towards the Future
The competition to develop a better, decentralized cloud storage solution powered by blockchain technology is fierce. In this article, we highlight Siacoin (SC) and the Sia project team’s efforts


Harvard Purchased a Cryptocurrency!

Harvard University has recently bought into a

18 Apr, 2019

The SEC Publishes its Highly Anticipated Crypto Token Guide

Token issuers now have guidance from the

06 Apr, 2019

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