China Puts EOS at the Top of Its List
China Electronic Information Industry (CCID), manages rankings of different digital currencies. They have updated their blockchain rankings to reflect EOS as the best blockchain network.
The Global Market’s Second BTC Manufacturer to Go Public
A Chinese BTC manufacturer, Ebang Communication, has shared that they will be going public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The firm is a giant
Facebook Has a Change of Heart and Removes Ban on Crypto Ads
Facebook has announced that they will be reversing the ban on digital currency advertisements, on their social media outlet. Facebook has revised their "cryptocurrency policy"
Square App Reaches All-Time High in Market After Obtaining BitLicense
Jack Dorsey's multi-billion dollar payments company, better known as Square, has reached an all-time high and surged 3% on the market after obtaining its BitLicense.
Federal Reserve Adds Crypto Price Trackers to Their Database
The US Federal Reserve Branch in St. Louis has added digital currency price indexes to their database. The news broke out on Tuesday by the
Latest News on the Crypto Market: FEC Regulations, BTC Price Drop, and Hacks
Cryptocurrency Prices -The price trend for Bitcoin has been dropping and this week it has already dropped by 8%. Over the last month, in total,
Australia Beach Town Accepting Bitcoin to Promote Tourism
Agnes Water, a beautiful beach town in Australia, is calling itself Australia's first "digital currency town". They are looking to attract international travelers so they
State of NY Grants its Seventh BitLicense to Fintech Startup
Just a few days after granting a BitLicense to a digital asset wallet company called Xapo, New York granted a fintech startup called Square, the
CFTC Hits JPMorgan With a $65 Million Fine!
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission or CFTC has fined JPMorgan Chase Bank for a whopping $65 million! The reason being that JPMorgan has tried to
Coinbase Update: Launch of Index Fund for Big-Time Investors
Coinbase has recently launched their new digital currency index fund. The index fund was created to for big investors. They will have access to the


Pakistan Using Alibaba’s Alipay Blockchain, but Refuses Bitcoin

Pakistan's government has been implementing a blockchain

14 Jan, 2019

From Brexit to Bitcoin, Here’s What You Need to Watch for in 2019

Due to the major drops in crypto

13 Jan, 2019

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