Korea is Close to Passing the Country’s Very First Crypto Legislation
South Korea, a lucrative market and key player in the global crypto market, is almost complete in the process of passing their first blockchain and
WEEKLY REVIEW: Cryptocurrency Current Events and Bitcoin Price Surges
Price Watch -The price of Bitcoin increased 18% this week after it has been on the decline, the last few months. The price reached a
Bitmain Has Arrived in Silicon Valley!
The crypto industry's highest ranked (in value) company, Bitmain, has opened up shop in Silicon Valley. They made this move before their IPO, which is
The Globe’s Biggest Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Provider Looking into Digital Currencies
BlackRock, which is known to be the world's biggest asset manager, is delving into the world of cryptocurrencies. Just six months ago, BlackRock's CEO made
Crypto Brokerage Firm Octagon Strategy Still Going Strong with Bitcoin
A digital currency brokerage company, Octagon Strategy, is still bullish on Bitcoin. Although the prices have been dropping, Octagon Strategy still believes in the number
How Did Bitmain Become the Largest Digital Currency Company?
The biggest mining manufacturer on the global crypto market, Bitmain, has raised a whopping $12 billion in a Series B funding round. This makes the
ZCash Community is Not Down with Prioritizing ASIC Resistance
The ZCash foundation created a voting poll for its community and a majority voted against the prioritization of ASIC resistance. The panel for voting was
Japan’s Longest Regulator Will Be Leaving Sometime This Summer
Japan's longest tenured regulator, Nobuchika Mori who is also the Chief of Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA), will be leaving sometime this summer. Mori is
Digital Currency Regulations Being Set for Abu Dhabi Market
The regulating power for Abu Dhabi's free zone and international finance center has released a regulatory framework. The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) is trying
Co-founder of Cardano Believes Wall Street Will Rake in Trillions for the Crypto Market
Cardano and Ethereum Co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, believes that Wall Street's entrance into the digital currency market, will bring in trillions of dollars. He reassured investors


Pakistan Using Alibaba’s Alipay Blockchain, but Refuses Bitcoin

Pakistan's government has been implementing a blockchain

14 Jan, 2019

From Brexit to Bitcoin, Here’s What You Need to Watch for in 2019

Due to the major drops in crypto

13 Jan, 2019

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