Saudia Arabia and UAE Financial Institutions to Implement Cross-Border Digital Asset
It has been confirmed that the Saudia Arabian and UAE governments will be working on a cross-border cryptocurrency. The launch date has not been confirmed
Federal Court is in Favor of Digital ICOs that are Against the SEC
Recently, the SEC took legal actions against a blockchain investment company by the name of Blockvest. They claimed that Blockvest was offering ICO securities, therefore
Winter Not Slowing Down Nasdaq Launching Bitcoin Futures Market
The globe's second biggest stock exchange will be adding a BTC futures market in the beginning of 2019. Nasdaq has been working closely with the
Crypto Update: Ohio Businesses Are Now Able to Make Tax Payments Using BTC!
The first state in the U.S. to accept tax payments in the global market's top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, will be Ohio. The Wall Street Journal shared
XRP Price is Staying Steady with News of Major Ripple Partner Arriving to China
XRP's parent company, Ripple, has made its way to Chinese market via local partnerships. The price of XRP did jump slightly after this news.The price
Bitcoin on its way for a Year-End Rally, Just in Time for the Holidays!
It has been almost one year since Bitcoin has taken a large dip in the crypto global market. However, many are predicting that Bitcoin will
Bank of America Acquires Patent for Digital Asset Storage System
Would you like to know what interests large organizations? Acquiring and filing for large patents definitely tell us what interests organizations, regardless of what field
Goldman Sachs-backed Circle and Coinbase Join Forces to Introduce Digital Dollar ‘USDC’
The crypto market's biggest exchange, Coinbase, has recently approved one of the several new USD cryptocurrencies aka "stablecoins". Beginning Tuesday, the exchange will allow their
Analyst States that BTC Needs Publicity from SEC
An analyst by the name of Naeem Aslam who also works at Think Markets UK, believes that Bitcoin needs a strong backing from the US
Yale University invests in Crypto Funds
One of the world's biggest universities has invested in digital asset funds. The Ivy League school is second when it comes to endowments and higher


Spain’s Second Largest Bank Relentlessly Freezes People’s Accounts, Claimed to be Racism

The second largest financial insitution in Spain,

19 Feb, 2019

BTC Trades in Venezuela are Booming!

he volume and trading patterns of Bitcoin

18 Feb, 2019

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