Dubai Payment Services Now Implementing Blockchain Technology
The Prince of Dubai has decided that he would like to implement blockchain technology into the nation's retail app, DubaiPay. This will allow customers to
Brazil’s Government is Supporting the Countries’ Biggest Brokerage to Process BTC Trades
The biggest brokerage in Brazil, Grupo XP, is planning to release a Ethereum and Bitcoin crypto trading platform by the end of this year. The
Bitcoin Miners Starting as Pioneers and Turning into Giants
The early pioneers of Bitcoin minining are turning into giant enterprises, that are operating worldwide. It all started when the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto,
Fidelity Investments to Launch Crypto Products by 2019
The CEO of Fidelity Investments, Abigail Johnson, has announced that the firm is working on digital asset and blockchain products and they are looking to
One of the Top Ten Banks in U.S. Joins Ripple Blockchain
PNC is ranked as number 9 when it comes to the top top ten largest banks in the U.S. They have now joined Ripple's blockchain,
Chinese Company Considers U.S. Defense Department Facility for Crypto Mining
Chinese holding company Wuhan General Group is currently working on plans to re-purpose a US Defense Department data center for its crypto mining operations. The facility, which
Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Set to Join Blockchain Startup Equi
he announcement that Steve Wozniak is breaking into blockchain is so new the Equi website still says “coming soon.” But as the co-founder of Apple, arguably the
Canada has Released a BTC Mutual Fund
FBC Bitcoin Trust has finally made its way to mutual fund status in Canada. A Canadian blockchain investment and digital asset company, First Block Capital
Top Three Ways Blockchain Is Killing It in Agribusiness
Blockchain in Agribusiness The generic nature of blockchain technology is one of the main reasons every industry is getting excited, or nervous, depending on their point of
Crypto Custody Now Offered by Citigroup Bank, Will it Affect the Market?
Sources have revealed that Citigroup is the latest bank that will be offering crypto custody solutions to investors. The $175 billion bank has launched a


Pakistan Using Alibaba’s Alipay Blockchain, but Refuses Bitcoin

Pakistan's government has been implementing a blockchain

14 Jan, 2019

From Brexit to Bitcoin, Here’s What You Need to Watch for in 2019

Due to the major drops in crypto

13 Jan, 2019

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