Pakistan Using Alibaba’s Alipay Blockchain, but Refuses Bitcoin
Pakistan's government has been implementing a blockchain that was created by Alibaba's Alipay. However, digital currencies such Bitcoin are still not permitted in the country,
From Brexit to Bitcoin, Here’s What You Need to Watch for in 2019
Due to the major drops in crypto prices in 2018, digital currency investors should prepare for trends in 2019. Mati Greenspan, a market analyst and
A Bank in India is Making Their Members Sign Disclosures to Not Use BTC
The Reserve Bank of India has placed new regulations on financial institutions. Some banks are even making their members sign contracts that state they will
The US and China Trade War Causing Dow Futures and Bitcoin to Slump
The US Stock market and the global digital asset market have been on a decline. As of 8 AM this morning, the Dow has dropped
Ripple CEO After Obtaining 200 Clients: All Banks Will Use XRP
As of now, 13 financial institutions are using Ripple and its blockchain through the Ripple network, RippleNet. There are around 200 banks in the Ripple
In the Last Year, Bitcoin Has Died 90 Times
Bitcoin has gone through a dismal year, according to the crypto market. The digital currency died 90 times this year, compared to 125 times in
Venture Capitalists Believe Bitcoins Infrastructure is Becoming More Powerful
Spencer Bogart who works for a venture capitalist firm, known as Blockchain Capital, believes that Bitcoin's institutional sector is becoming more powerful. Even though the
Western Union Playing with the Idea of Cryptocurrencies
American financial payment processing service, Western Union, is ready to enter the crypto world. The President of Western Union, Odilon Almeida, said that the company
Cryptocurrency Rally is Getting Intense as U.S. Stock Market Plunges Due to Increase in Interest Rates
U.S. stocks have been on a decline since Wednesday, after the Feds have announced that they increased interest rates. In the mean time, crypto investors
The Second Biggest Stock Exchange in Germany is Introducing a No-Fee Digital Asset Exchange
Germany's second biggest stock exchange, Stuttgart Exchange Group and financial institution SolarisBank, are coming togeter to create a no-fee digital currency exchange. This market is


Spain’s Second Largest Bank Relentlessly Freezes People’s Accounts, Claimed to be Racism

The second largest financial insitution in Spain,

19 Feb, 2019

BTC Trades in Venezuela are Booming!

he volume and trading patterns of Bitcoin

18 Feb, 2019

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