MoneyGram signs a deal to work with RIPPLE XRP

XRP is looking to partner up with MoneyGram by doing a trial run. MoneyGram will be doing a test run with XRP by using xRapid. With the new pact that is now in effect, MoneyGram will allow patrons to send money across the border in a safe and efficient manner. Currently, the way these transactions are handled, are through accounts that already have funds in them. With this new process, consumers won’t need a pre-funded account to send money to their friends, families, or business partners. Thanks to these advanced blockchain technologies, it will be much more streamlined. XRP’s assistance will help Moneygram’s operations and improvements with efficiency. Ripple has stated that they are the best cryptocurrency for payments and their fees are less than a penny. In comparison, Bitcoin’s fees are about $30 a transaction. XRP’s transaction times only take seconds, whilst other digital assets take minutes. The CEO of MoneyGram, Alex Holmes, has made statement that they are excited to partner with Ripple and pilot the xRapid program. Ripple still remains one of the top cryptocurrencies and we anticipate that with these partnerships, XRP will only continue to rise.

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