Founder of TRON Coin in Talks of Partnership, and Price Rises to 150%

TRON has been doing fairly well on the global market. The price has jumped to 94 percent just yesterday, January 4th. The founder has been in works of a partnership, with a major public institution. TRX has reached 150 percent in only one day. TRON’s market cap is at $11 billion and it boasts a 9th ranking on the list of most valuable cryptocurrencies. TRON surpasses other big coins such as: Monero, Ethereum Classic, and Dash. Shockingly, TRON is only $1.6 billion behind Litecoin.

Trading exchange Binance, has already processed $2.1 billion worth of TRON in just 24 hours. TRON has experienced heavy trading volumes on the global market. It is said that large-scale companies will begin to use TRON’s content distribution platform. The founder of TRON, Justin Sun, has already took to social media to hint partnerships with publicly-listed companies, saying “We will be huge soon”. These announcements have caused a buying frenzy for TRX. Investors believe that it will benefit them in gains in both the short and long term. Announcements like this are made all the time, so investors should be cautious to believe in all the hype, as it could turn out to be false information that lures investors in. TRX’s platform is currently in testing and will not be completely implemented for several years. TRON’s development team consists of Alibaba developers, which will definitely entice consumers to hop on the TRON train.

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