Fortune 500 Company Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies

One of the globe’s biggest distributors of electronic services and components, Avnet, is officially accepting cryptocurrencies via BitPay. BitPay is a payment processing company that uses blockchain technology. The Fortune 500 institution just announced the news, and their clientele can now pay in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for products and services. Bitpay will take part by verifying the transactions, so everything runs smoothly. Cryptocurrencies will help to diminish the expenditures, time, and other complexities that involve Avnet’s products being sold on the market. Within just the first month of allowing their clients to pay with digital currency, Avnet has already processed several multi-million dollar transactions! This news will make the company the third biggest tech institution in the States to accept BTC payments, not too far behind Microsoft and Dell. BitPay and Avnet are also working together to create a new hardware wallet that will allow digital asset storage and provide security. BitPay is already doing big things, by processing over $1 billion in transactions for two years in a row! This partnership is definitely comprised of big players in the market.

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