What is currency?
Currency is a form of money which includes coins and paper notes. Currency is issued by a government and dispersed and accepted by economies. Currency is used for trading, goods, and services, and for anything else that has a price.
What is a cryptocurrency?
A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that uses a feature called cryptography. Cryptography provides security on an intangible asset that still holds monetary value. Because of cryptography, it will be hard to forge a cryptocurrency. A dominant characteristic of a digital asset, is that it is not facilitated by a higher power. Usually, currencies are issued by a centralized power. This makes cryptocurrencies decentralized and restricts governing bodies from controlling it.
What is an Altcoin?
Altcoins are cryptocurrencies that have been launched and created after the revolution of Bitcoin. Typically, they propose to be better alternatives to Bitcoin. Bitcoin's success has created a successful path for other cryptocurrencies to follow. Altcoins are addressing any perceived constraints that Bitcoin has to offer and produces advanced versions that serve as vast improvements. There are an immense array of altcoins, and they keep growing.