Educational Institution Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

As you all know, the global cryptocurrency market is penetrating many industries and it has recently dipped in the educational sector. Founder of the Capital Fund Law Group, John Lore, shared that many universities and academies have started getting their feet wet in the digital currency market. Educational institutions are getting involved for strategic reasons. Although the names of the universities cannot be given, Lore believes that this will become more widespread with universities throughout the world. For schools and academic universities, the appropriate custodian solutions are mandatory in order to commit large sums of funds into the digital currency market. Lore shared that university endowment funds have started trickling in the cryptocurrency market, and that being on a limited basis. University endowments are often overseeing billions of dollars. The main focus of endowments is to invest in safe haven assets that can maintain stability over a long period of time. There is a growing demand for digital currencies by academia and this is a major step for cryptocurrencies being considered a stable asset class.

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