Cryptocurrency Market Cap Rises to $600 Billion!

During Christmas, the global market for cryptocurrencies did slump. However, performance for the market after Christmas led to an all time high of a little over $600 billion for the market. Star coins, Bitcoin and Ripple, are a cause of this. Bitcoin was able to reach $16,000 but that did not last for long and it eventually went down to the $15,000s. Although Bitcoin’s price did plunge a bit, it still has a the highest rank in the market and has a cap of $266 billion.

Another major coin, Ethereum has slowly gone up in value. After Christmas the coins price fluctuated from $733 to $766, ending the day at $751. Ethereum’s market cap is a little under $73 billion. Altcoin however has been having its good days in the global market. Altcoin has been achieving all-time highs and its cap has leaped to $12 billion. Altogether bringing Altcoin’s market cap to $30 billion. Bitcoin Cash is coming in strong by maintaining its place as third in market rankings. However, Bitcoin Cash may have a competitor that is closing in, in fourth place, Ripple. Ripple has risen above two percent against the dollar, and so far no other cryptocurrencies have achieved this. Its market cap is $43.7 billion, which is about $4 billion less than Bitcoin Cash.

Litecoin, like Bitcoin Cash, has only gained one percent increase in just one day. IOTA has risen to 14 percent in just a day and has achieved a market cap of $11.2 billion. Monero has increased ten percent and has a market cap value of $5.9 billion.

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