Crypto Market Cap Breaking Records

The cryptocurrency market cap has hit a high of $600 billion! Although the market was looking pretty gloomy recently, the cap had a gain of $21 billion, which is a boost of 4 percent. In today’s market, Bitcoin has been seesawing from $10,600 to $11,800 and its current trade price is $11,637. Bitcoin’s cap is about $201 billion and growing. It has jumped about 2 percent in 24 hours. Ethereum has had a good day and ended the day with an increase. Currently, ETH is trading at $1,060 and it has increased 4 percent in a day. ETH market cap is nearing $106 billion. Ripple has been stealing the spotlight in the past two days. Since the market decline last week, the lowest price Ripple was at was 90 cents. However, it made a rapid comeback and has gained value of about 100 percent. Ripple is continuing to grow because investors have confidence in it. Many financial institutions and firms are beginning to use XRP’s blockchain technology and have started to use the XRP token. Investors are anticipating that other companies will join in and will implement Ripple in the future. Bitcoin cash and EOS had less than one percent growth in one day. Cardano’s price decreased to 64 cents. Litecoin reached a growth of 1.5 percent. Please follow our journey on the crypto rollercoaster as we provide you with up to date news and intel.

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