BitFlyer, Japanese Bitcoin Exchange, Gets Approved for Europe

Like many other Asian bitcoin exchanges, Japanese trading exchange bitFlyer, is expanding to Europe. BitFlyer is one of the biggest and earliest cyptocurrency platforms. They have launched their practice in Europe after getting regulatory approval. BitFlyer has announced that they did receive the PI license grant from the financial regulatory agency of Luxembourg. Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg’s financial minister, stated that they are excited for one of Japan’s most lucrative exchanges to have chosen Luxembourg. BitFlyer ensured locals that they will run operations by the book. CEO of bitFlyer claimed that they are considered the most compliant platform on the global market. The platform is forecasting a trading volume of reserved to moderate. They are looking to target investors all over Europe. During their launch, bitFlyer will be offering Bitcoin paired with the continent’s currnecy, the Euro. CoinMarketCap has estimated that bitFlyer has the biggest amount of trading volume in Japan, and is in the top 5 on the global market. Not only has bitFlyer expanded to Europe, but it has already been open for business in the U.S. for five months now.

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