Bitcoin Plunge May Get Worse Before it Bounces Back

From what we have been seeing as of late, the digital asset market has not been doing too well. The market has almost halved from its highest point. Bitcoin, the market’s number one asset, has dropped more than 14 percent in the last day. Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies dropped more than 20 percent. In the last year, the global market has seen quite a few 30 to 40 percent adjustments. The most recent correction has been the worst one yet. It has lasted for a while and the market is still experiencing it. There haven’t even been any predictions as to when the market will recover. Many analysts are saying that the value of Bitcoin will drop even more before it recovers. Some even estimated that Bitcoin can plunge by 15 percent more. Bitcoin is still the most dominant digital asset on the market and we feel that this will not change. During a market bloodbath, investors must stay patient, as the market is volatile and is always dropping and rising. One good piece of news is that South Korean markets have eliminated their premiums. Let’s stick this out and keep the positivity going!

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