Binance Raising the Bar in Australia: Customers Can Buy Bitcoin with Cash at Stores

Digital asset exchange, Binance, has released a new platform in Australia. The platform will allow their community base to buy BTC with cash, from over 1,300 stores! The new release is called Binance Lite Australia and it is a cash-to-cash brokerage service. Currently, Aussies can buy the cryptocurrency using Australian dollars (AUD). In the future, Binance is looking to expand their cryptocurrency offerings, and add more to the platform. The process begins with users completing a verification process, then they are able to place an order to buy the digital asset online, and finally they can deposit their cash at the nearest newsagent and can receive the digital asset within minutes. The transaction fee is 5 percent for users that do purchase Bitcoin through the service.
The CEO of Binance has mentioned that this new platform is additional proof that cryptocurrencies are becoming widely adopted by more and more people and institutions. Binance has been on fire as of late, they released a fiat-to-crypto exchange in Uganda and British ruled island Jersey. The list keeps growing for Binance, they are definitely an exchange you want to keep your eyes on and even become a part of.

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