Arsenal FC Soccer Team has a Cryptocurrency Partner!

One of England’s most renowned soccer teams, Arsenal FC, landed a partnership with CashBet Coin also known as CBC. CBC is explicitly designed for iGaming. CashBet has its own platform so the CBC coin will be the main form of currency on the platform. CashBet is a company out of Oakland, CA and handles the online gaming business. They have already listed Arsenal football stars on their website. The company asserts that they are the “only mobile-first platform”. The platform also has features such as: games, casino games, sports, and betting. The partnership will allow CashBet to advertise in Arsenal’s home stadium, located in the Emirates. As many as 600 million households are fans of the team, and 80 million people watch the Arsenal games worldwide. Arsenal boasts the third highest earnings among other English teams. Arsenal is also China’s favorite soccer team. They have also saturated South Asian markets with their gear and stores selling their merchandise. This deal will be the first of its kind, as CashBet is a gambling agency. Although the agency has been given the green light by the Gambling Commission in the UK, cryptocurrencies and ICOs are not regulated. CashBet also has alliances with Emirates Airlines, Puma, Vitality Insurance, and Gatorade. They are hoping that Arsenal will deliver in terms of exposure. Arsenal has the fifth largest soccer fan base in the world. It will be cool to see if other soccer clubs follow Arsenal’s suit.

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